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JFK Ambassador in Lahore, Pakistan

Animal abuse is always seen in Pakistan, and stray dogs, donkeys and cats are the three main animals that are on the receiving end of the abuse. Kevaan Hasnain, Mr. Pakistan World 2020 was selected as one of the ambassafors of JFK alsong with Areej Chaudhary, Miss Pakistan World 2020.


Governor of Punjab Meeting

Kevaan Hasnain, Mr. Pakistan World 2020 had the pleasure of meeting the Governor of Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan. Along with the current Miss Pakistan World 2020 Areej Chaudhary and previous Miss Pakistan...


Kevaan Hasnain, Mr. Pakistan World 2020 visits Sundus Foundation

As the lockdown eased in Pakistan, Kevaan Hasnain visited the Sundus Foundation in Lahore, Pakistan. Sundas Foundation was established in 1998 as a Blood Transfusion Center. Before this institution many...