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Mr .Pakistan World 2021 Syed Shah

London based Syed Shah, is the new Mr. Pakistan World 2021. Born in Pakistan and then moved to Hong Kong, and finally the United Kingdom, he is the founder of a Digital Marketing Agency with branches around the world. On top of that he has professionally worked as a model for 4 years and is a social media influencer too. He has completed his Masters in Marketing and is now busy with the launch of his own fashion line. At the age of 23, Syed has big plans for the Mr. Pakistan World title and is looking forward to doing what he loves which is promoting Pakistan internationally.   

Why did you want to participate in Mr. Pakistan World 2021? 

I am a fashion model based in the United Kingdom with strong roots and following in the Asean region. Mr. Pakistan World provides a platform to represent Pakistan on an international level. I would like to be a role model and inspire the youth of Pakistan. I also feel Pakistan needs a proper representation to break the stereotypical views created by the international media. Hence, I found Mr. Pakistan World to be the best platform to represent myself and my country.  

How does it feel to win the title for the year 2021? 

It is a great privilege to win the 2021 title and represent Pakistan on the world stage. It means a lot to me and I hope I will be able to achieve great things during this year even though we are in the middle of a pandemic. I would like to be the face of the Pakistani youth in the World. 

What are you going to do differently for your title? 

I don’t know if different is the right word. Being a Pakistani I feel we are misunderstood on international platform due to the media. I would like to show the world that we are an amazing country where people are educated, well-equipped and talented. If we are provided with the right platform, we can show the world our strength and capabilities. 

Are you passionate about a certain cause or charity? 

Yes. I am passionate about the eradication of poverty and an advocate of early childhood education. I not only support the current initiatives by the United Nations and organizations like Red Cross but am vocal and actively involved in pushing the cause utilizing my social media influence. My immediate goal would be to help our Prime Minister Imran Khan with government’s drive ‘Koi Banda Bhooka na soyega’ (no one must sleep hungry program). It is a great initiative and I would like to serve my nation in all the ways possible. 

How will you promote Pakistan through your title? 

Pakistan needs a strong positive portfolio and it can only be created with representing Pakistan on different international forums. Social media, intellectual talks and sensible content creation can wipe out Pakistan’s misunderstood image.  I want to accomplish a lot for Pakistan through my title. 

What is your advice to the other boys who are interested in MPW? 

Believe in yourself. Never give up even if you see no light. Remember you never lose, either you win or you learn. Trust your creative instincts and be a proud Pakistani. 



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